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You hear a lot of people say that keto meal plans have helped them lost their unwanted weight in a snap. And you even hear such claims from the celebrities themselves. But, have you ever wondered why a lot of attention is being focused on this so-called ketogenic meal plan. What is really a keto diet meal plan all about? For starters, when you go on a keto diet meal plan, you need to know that you will be going after a diet that is low in carbohydrates. Doing so allows your body to be able to produce its much-needed ketones that will then be converted into energy. There are lot of names that are being called for ketogenic meal plans. There are those that call it simply as the ketogenic diet while there are those that call it as low carb high fat diet, low carb diet, and many more.

The thing about consuming food that is high in carbs is that your body will be producing insulin and glucose. Glucose is one of the simplest molecules that your body can convert to energy so among the many energy sources in your body, this is the one that will be easily converted. Insulin, on the other hand, is being produced in order for the glucose in your bloodstream to be taken up into your body system.

Since glucose will be the main source of energy that your body will be taking up, your fats will no longer be converted that is why they will be easily stored inside your body. Usually, when you are taking carbohydrates in your body, the body will decide to have glucose as its main source of energy. Now, when you will decrease your intake of carbohydrates, then your body will go into the state that they call ketosis. Continue reading about smoothie recipes for weight loss.


Ketosis is a natural occurrence that goes on in a person's body in order for him or her to better survive the odds when the person will be taking low food. It is during this state that the body will be producing ketones that is a result of the liver breaking down the fats in your body.


Now, when you go on keto diet meal plan, you are allowing your body to go into this particular metabolic state. This is achieved by not starving your body of calories but by starving it of carbohydrates. Now, when your body produces ketones, your body will not only lose weight but also optimize your overall health and your mental and physical functions. Check out more details at: .

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